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for Sat., Oct. 23
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    Fuckemos, Sabbath Crow, Dirty Charley Band

    I’ve been holding out on using the popular pandemic phrase “life returning to normal” until Las Cazuelas reopens their salsa bar and Fuckemos play a show. While I still can’t ladle nine kinds of hot sauce on my tacos, mouths water over the return of Austin’s sludge punk miscreants. Spawned in 1992 when Russell Porter puked into the cultural petri-dish of punk, noise rock, and metal, Fuckemos took not-giving-a-fuck to new heights with their aburd lyrics, depraved vibes, and pitchshifted vocal belch. Prom punk offering “Do You Wanna Dance?” and fist-pumper “Ed the Creep” remain sing-alongs for twisted locals three decades on. The gravestone stompin’ hard rock of Sabbath Crow and delinquent country drinking songs of Dirty Charley Band set the stage.
    Sat., Oct. 23, 9pm
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    OUTlaw Pride Fest

    Hard fought expanded inclusiveness in country and Americana music have opened the genres to new artists and audiences. Austin’s first annual queer country music fest now celebrates the rich history and vibrant future of LGBTQIA songwriters. Lavender Country paved the way in the Seventies for today’s OUTlaws, including the torching power of Jaime Wyatt’s Neon Cross and poignant East Tennessee crooner Adeem the Artist’s Cast-Iron Pansexual. Buffalo Gals and Devin Jake bring the local Appalachian-hitched twang while Julie Nolen kicks Texas-hardened “Piss and Vinegar.” Emily Herring, Alden Hedges, Jett Holden, and duo Hardened & Tempered round out the benefit for Out Youth.
    Sat., Oct. 23, 3pm
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    Ethan Azarian (album release)

    Ethan Azarian is an Austin icon and iconoclast. His music, like his artwork, fills with a sense of wonder and possibility, raw and vulnerable, but beautifully surreal. As leader of the Orange Mothers in the 1990s, Azarian’s pop style could be joyous and provoking, and his subsequent solo work unfolds with a lo-fi pop and folk reveling in lyrics both bizarre and poignant. Azarian’s latest LP, On the Fringe, spins a journey both reflective and cosmically adventurous. Marked with Azarian’s familiarly quirky lyrical visions and offbeat winding melodies, the album celebrates his outsider artistic style while also marking one the best recordings of his career. “I feel like I’ve always been on the fringe, and that’s not like ‘poor Ethan.’ I’m thankful,” Azarian notes. “I’m still playing music and it’s a real therapy for me. It’s good for me and I know I need to make a noise. But also the fringe is the idea of the planet as a whole, that we’re out here on the fringe. We’re not the center. I’m on the fringe, but we’re all on the fringe.” Will Courtney’s production fills the album with a much more lush pop sound behind Azarian’s nasal croon and the atmospheric support from longtime collaborators Lindsey Verrill and Jeff Johnston of Little Mazarn, who open his outdoor house show Saturday night at the Wyldwood in South Austin. “I’m right where I should be,” Azarian adds. “Because I’m older now, and I’ve spent so much time doing both, I feel accomplished and pretty happy about what I’m doing musically and artistically. And that’s pretty awesome.”
    Sat., Oct. 23, 5pm
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